The 3 Best E-commerce Solutions Providers to Consider In 2018

Any prospective entrepreneur looking to start a small brick-and-motor business must think about creating an online extension of their businesses. With busy lifestyles today, most people like to shop online, in the comfort of their homes, which means not having an online presence will limit your growth. Luckily, small business owners can build their e-commerce businesses cost-effectively and integrate different payment systems and innovative check out processes.  Let’s check out some of the best e-commerce solutions providers that can help you create your e-commerce website in 2018:

a)  WooCommerce E-commerce solutions provider

WooCommerce is an e-commerce platform for WordPress that lets you build your e-commerce websites without paying a dime. WooCommerce is so popular these days that it powers 10% of e-commerce platforms. The free platform allows inventory management, integration of multiple payment systems, shipping costs and applicable taxes. It also features a wide range of marketing and reporting tools. If you’re looking to sell low-volume merchandise or digital products, this is the right e-commerce solutions provider for you.

b) Magento e-commerce solutions provider

When it comes to the most widely used e-commerce website builder, Magento tops the list. It boasts over 240, 000 users worldwide. Some of the world’s most recognized brands run their websites on this platform.  The fact that it’s free and open source makes it a go-to platform for both new and accustomed business owners. For large enterprises, this robust e-commerce website builder comes at a hefty price. The free version also comes with a catch: You need to have great coding, HTML and CSS skills to be able to build a website with it.

c) E-commerce solution Shopify

Although Shopify doesn’t come close to Magento regarding user base, it’s an e-commerce website builder with a good reputation for allowing people to build their online stores and start selling online. It’s also robust, meaning it can handle large scale operations just like Magento. It comes with a wide range of scintillating e-commerce website themes and templates to help you create an elegant store in a matter of hours. It allows integration of multiple payment processes like credit card and third party payment options like PayPal. Although there is a free version of Shopify, the paid plans start from $14.99.


The e-commerce solution provider you choose will depend on your budget and the scale of your website. But website builders are just as good as building a custom design website. So why spend a ton of money to hire a web designer to build a custom design website when you can use these solutions to create robust one?

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